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Just for kids

Children learn better when they are having fun!! 

We offer classes for every age, levels and styles of dance!

These classes promote confidence, self esteem, friendships and of course learning some amazing fun routines.

Classes: (all ages a guide & flexable)

Tots Dance Party

As soon as they can walk - 5yrs!

Dance Mix - Hip Hop, Poms, Contemporary (little Ballet in there!) & Stage

  • Mini's 4-7yrs

  • Jr's 8-12yrs

  • Teen 13+

  • Mini (4-7yrs) 

Just for adults

Want to learn a new skill? Have a date night, night out with friends or meet some new people? Build self esteem and confidence. Come check out our adult classes, we offer for multiple styles, ages and levels.
Line Dancing, Couples, Ladies, Weddings, Day Classes and more..


Special Warriors - Free Classes

As a mother of a child with special needs I understand the frustrations and heartaches that can come with trying to find a class where my daughter felt like she fit in. After looking I couldn't find anything close to Frederick and what I found further away was expensive. This is why we decided to offer free weekly classes where our kids can get together and have fun. It also is a supportive group for parents and caregivers.

Classes: Our Staff
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