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Just for Kids

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Mini Tots Dance Party

This class is perfect for the little ones with energy. They will have fun while burning off all that energy, while Mom's can enjoy a coffee and a catch up with other Mom's or maybe want to dance with our little one?This class helps kids learn to play with others their own age and fun with color scarf's, noise makers, wan


Dance Mix Class

Mini's (4-7yrs)

Jr (8-12yrs)

Teen (13+)

These classes are a great classes for kids to get a taste of all dances styles without locking into contracts and memberships. In class kids will learn a mix of Hip Hop, Poms, Jazz, Contemporary and Stage.

These classes are amazing! It is where kids can learn the fundamentals of all dance as well as learning fun routines. 

Not only are our classes fun but they also help with confidence and self esteem. It works as part of an overall healthier, active lifestyle for your child.


Just For Kids: News
Just For Kids: News

Just for Kids


Performance/Competition Team


If your child is looking for an accelerated dance experience with challenging technique classes, dazzling choreography, and multiple performance opportunities throughout the year, step into the spotlight and join our team of talented ladies! You won't believe your eyes as our program transforms even the shyest child into a polished performer. They will have fun, learn fundamentals of dance and meet some amazing other kids.

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