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The Sharons school of special warriors

Our Story

As a mother of a child with special needs I understand the frustrations and heartaches that can come with trying to find a class where my daughter felt like she fit in. After looking I couldn't find anything close to Frederick and what I found further away was expensive. This is why we decided to offer free weekly classes where our kids can get together and have fun. It also is a supportive group for parents and caregivers. 

Why is this important:-

That feeling of belonging. The sense that you’re no different than anyone else. Dance is one of those beautiful hobbies that lets you forget about your worries, and escape into the rhythm, if only for a few moments.

There are many benefits for individuals with special needs to participate in dance classes. These benefits include:

  1. Physical fitness – A body in motion stays in motion. Physical fitness is so important for everyone’s overall health, body, and mind.

  2. Dance can improve flexibility, strength, and motor skills

  3. An increase in confidence and self-esteem

  4. Having an outlet for creativity and imagination

  5. Dance gives those with special needs a way to “blow off some steam” in a safe environment.

A dance class is also a fun and safe environment for them to learn and grow in. Odds are everyone around them is learning something new and has not yet mastered any of the skills. Therefore, they are able to bond with other students in the common goal, and as a result, may promote better social and interpersonal skills.

Special Warriors: About Us
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